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If you are a client acting without advice from a Financial Adviser who is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we strongly suggest that you seek advice before establishing a pension scheme with us or making any investment or pension transfer decisions.
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Case study – Property


Steve is the director of a successful pharmaceutical company based in Wales. Following his IFA’s recommendation, Steve decided to set up a SSAS to utilise his substantial personal pension fund, approximately £950,000, for purchasing the industrial units where his company operates.

The main objective was to use the SSAS to acquire the company’s two industrial units, thus enabling the company to pay rent directly into the pension scheme, thereby enhancing the value of Steve’s pension while simultaneously providing the company with a stable operational base.

Before finalising the purchase, both properties were professionally valued to determine the appropriate market rent:

  • Unit 1 Valuation: £350,000 with an annual rent of £30,750
  • Unit 2 Valuation: £310,000 with an annual rent of £29,000

The rental values were based on the market rates at the time of valuation, ensuring that the company pays a fair market rent for using the properties.

Timeline of Events

September 2023: The SSAS was successfully registered with HMRC.
November 2023: Solicitors were instructed to facilitate the property transactions.
December 2023: Transfers of Steve’s existing pensions into the SSAS were completed.
February 2024: The property purchase was finalised.

By setting up a SSAS, Steve has effectively utilised his personal pension funds to purchase his business premises, creating a symbiotic relationship between his company and his pension scheme. This strategic move not only enhances the value of his pension fund but also provides his company with a stable financial foundation, demonstrating the effective use of SSAS in business and pension planning.

To find out more about property purchase with a SSAS, read our guidelines or get in touch with our team.